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Studenting 101 was designed for the adult student returning to higher education to complete their undergraduate degree. First generation students also find it helpful, as it informs the student of all the things they are expected to know, may think they know, but really don't know. Many students are under the false impression that because they have gone to school successfully for 12+ years, they know how to go to college. College is not high school. Colleges have many policies, rules, and expectations that are very different than those experienced in high school. There are some that may be similar, but mostly, they are vastly different. Knowing the expectations takes the guesswork out and provides a sense of confidence that will propel you forward. This course will assist you in considering the benefits of returning to college (or not), selecting an appropriate college, higher education policies and vocabulary, what to be thinking about at every milestone (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior), and how to prepare for graduation and beyond. This course will prepare you to navigate the college terrain with ease. It will expose you to services and ways of earning credits that you may not have considered (or knew of). We have created a course that is designed to inform you and show you ways that may help you to save money, time and effort. In Joy! René DeAnda, Founder


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