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You must have received a personal invitation from me!

I have designed this page to tell you a bit more about what I'm doing and why I contacted you specifically. 

My name is René DeAnda and I am the founder of Me and My Degree.


I host Weekly Academic Conversations whereby I invite experts to discuss a variety of topics. I would like to meet with you to discuss the possibility of you being a guest on my Weekly Academic Conversations.


You are an expert in your field and I would like for you to assist me in informing undergraduate students about the subject of your expertise.


If you are interested in meeting with me to learn more, please schedule a Zoom with me here:

Here is a bit more information for you until we meet on Zoom!

Me and My Degree was founded to serve undergraduate students of all ages, but especially adult students returning to complete their undergraduate degree. They each have a story, and they each deserve to know how to best navigate the landscape of higher education, in order that they might maximize their time, finances, and efforts. 


By learning what’s expected of them, knowing the vocabulary that is inherent to most every campus across the nation, and strategizing course selection, students will be better prepared and are more likely to graduate and progress into graduate school. 


This is good news for institutions of higher education, as retention rates and graduation rates will increase as more and more students become informed.


The Weekly Academic Conversations are just a part of the overall package. Students will also receive access to our public/private Facebook Groups where we will host guest speakers (experts), and the option to purchase a full-fledged course titled STUDENTING 101.


The upcoming course will take them from deciding to return to college, career exploration, major selection, what to focus on as they progress through the milestones, to preparing for graduation and beyond. STUDENTING 101 will be comprehensive and extremely useful to undergraduate students of all ages. 


By participating as a guest expert, you will be contributing to the greater success of undergraduate students everywhere.

Don't worry, we don't just "wing it" there is a process and you will have a head's up on everything before it happens. For instance, you will know what questions will be asked weeks ahead of time, allowing you time to prepare.


I look forward to speaking with you to fill you in on all the details! Simply select the "SCHEDULE" button below to select a time to collaborate on Zoom. You are welcome to have a look around the website too, simply select the "VIEW FULL WEBSITE" button below.

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!




René DeAnda, Founder

Me and My Degree

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