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BOOK LAUNCH! "So... I have this student..." Advice for Advisors

Being an academic advisor for twenty years taught me that we are never done learning. I learned a lot from my colleagues, both new and seasoned, and I thought I would pass some of the things I learned along to my fellow advisors.

This book informs and validates academic advisors on the nuances and best practices of the trade. It also addresses the elephants in the room for advisors everywhere.

Things like:

What do advisors do anyway?


why advisors are like unicorns.

I wrote this book so I could dive into the incredible breadth and depth of knowledge advisors possess. To express to you how incredulous I remain because the knowledge lies there, untapped by the college at large.

It's time to expose who we are, and what we do, so that we can be of service to our students on a whole new level. With your collective, vast pool of knowledge, your advising team can assist in bootstrapping your institution in an unprecedented way.

Every other article I read lately is about how to reengage the students, how to get them to stay enrolled. This has always been a theme in higher education, but lately it's everywhere!

Advisors have the answers. Yet no one asks...

I'm so excited to bring you this book! It's been writing itself for 20 years! I truly hope you enjoy it!

The book will launch on September 22, 2022, and will be available at the reduced rate of $0.99 for the launch.

Pick up your e-book on the 22nd and you will assist me in making the best sellers list. I'm appreciative!


There will be a paperback version released after the launch period.

Please leave a comment to let me know you were here and what you expected to see here at Me and My Degree.

If you are an advisor, please tell me what you would like others to know about the advising profession.

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